List of diverse realised and supervised building projects by us

Communal projects:

Sportsclub with Tennisclub in Söcking

Kindergarten and Elementary School in Söcking

City Administration of Starnberg

DVGW - Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.

MYC - Munich Yacht Club in Starnberg

Commercial objects:

Gustav Baehr GmbH podiatry chairs in Waiblingen

Plastics Injection Molding Business M+W GmbH in Feldafing

Metal Molding Construction M+W Mold Construction GmbH in Feldafing

VR Banks e.G. – Stores in Söcking and Pöcking

Clocks, Jewellery and Optician Shop Jäger in Starnberg

Hepako Plastics Injection Molding Business in Raisting

Real AG – Deutsche Bank Store in Starnberg

Knorr Bremse AG and KB Media AG in München

TQ System at Gut Delling in Seefeld

KFZ Surveyor Office Ruthner in Starnberg

Friederike Suppen Jewellry in Starnberg

Estate Agency Engel und Völkers in Starnberg

Hearing Aid Devices and Acoustics Store in Starnberg

Liberal Professions:

Dental clinic Dr. Gottinger in Söcking

Dentists house Drs. Buchheim and Gaismaier in Feldafing

Lawyer's office Walther in Starnberg

Dental laboratory Lassen GmbH in Söcking

Management forum in Starnberg

Reactive physiotheraphy in Starnberg

Pediatrists practice Dr. Vielhaber in Starnberg

Frei & Essler Construction Management GmbH in Starnberg

House and Estate Managements:

Estate 5 Hausverwaltung Starnberg – am Waldpark 7/7a, Maximilianstr. 5 und Kaiser-W-Str. 10 in Starnberg

Hausverwaltung Stoll GmbH München – „Münchner Hof“ - Maximilianstr. 2a/b/c in Starnberg

Hausverwaltung Schmirler - Otto-Wagner-Str. in Germering

Hausverwaltung Vindex GmbH - Bismarckstr. 7a/7b in Söcking

Siegfried Hirt GmbH & Co. Seehofverwaltungs KG - Bahnhofsplatz 4+6 in Starnberg

Hausverwaltung Ziegler&Ziegler - Kirchplatz 8a/b in Starnberg

Hausverwaltung Otmar Meier - diverse Objekte in Starnberg und Söcking

Hausverwaltung Nymphenburg - Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 5 in Starnberg

Hausverwaltung Keller - Ferdinand-Maria-Str. 7 in Starnberg

Konrad Glas GmbH & Co. KG Pöcking – Max Emanuel Str. 11 in Starnberg

Private building projects:

Feldafing: Villa Wilisch and properties Salomon plus EFH Donovan

Starnberg: Penthouse Baron, Property Kieninger and houses Mallwitz / Dieck / Steffan / Ruthner

Perchting/Jägersbrunn: Houses Huber / Gregor / Property Maffay / Sieg

Söcking: Houses Meissner / Teufel / Scheuer / Dersch / Beck / Endreß / Varona / Kröner-Worbs

Tutzing: Fam. Scheinpflug

Percha: Villa Sullyvan

Berg: Fam. Renner

Pöcking Fam. Winkelbauer

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